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US-Faeblight PVE-Guild Level 25

We are a progression raiding guild. We welcome all playing styles and enjoy all aspects of the game, from exploring game story content, rare hunting, artifact hunting, crafting, PvP, casual gaming and a little of RP. We are coming up on our 3rd year as a guild. We have a great group of core players who are quite knowledgable about the game and who are willing to help out with questions concerning the game.


The Guild Leaders – The Triumvirate

Osote – Cleric
Draidiard – Cleric
Toma – Rogue

 Member Requirements :

  • Maturity and respect for others in the guild. You may expect friendly banter within guild and voice chat, but this is all done in good humor. Please be aware that some of the topics in the guild are R18++, if you are easily offended by these, please inform the officers.
  • Have an account on our website for updates and Raid sign-ups.
  • Be helpful and accommodating especially to members who are new to Rift.
  • Have Team Speak 3 to participate in Guild Events and Raids. This helps us stay coordinated during pulls and gives you a chance to get to know our members.


  • Weekdays: 6pm - 9pm server (20 mans main progression raid T2 content) Watch out for Message of the Day for most up to date info. Web sign ups required. 
  • Saturdays : 6pm - 9pm server (20 man for alts and non-weekday raiders) Currently Raiding: FT and/or EE.  Web sign ups are required. 
  • Sundays: 4pm - 5:55 pm server (Continuation of 20 man weekend raid). Will continue off where the Saturday raid left off. Sign ups are required, but priority is given to characters who were part of the Saturday Raid.
  • Sundays: 6pm - 9pm server (20 man main progression raid T2 content). Web sign up required. 

Expectations for Raiders

Know your Souls and Know your Role. Don't be afraid to ask your Class Leaders and fellow guild mates for advise on how to play and gear up efficiently. Always keep an eye on the Guild Chat for fellow guildies running REDs (Random Expert Dungeons)- the best way to learn your roles and be with the comfort of guildies.

Below are helpful links to posts about our Raiding System (note: this area is accessible to logged in members only. Otherwise, they might not open for you.)


The Centurions - Class Leads and Raid officers.

  • Raid Coordinator – Appointed on raid nights
  • Raid Leads - Osote, Draidiard
  • Class Leads
    • Cleric - Osote
    • Mage - Muramori
    • Warrior - Rosin
    • Rogue - Parelem

The Consigliere – Guild Administrative officers

  • Recruitment Officers - Katsyra, Jacklyne
  • PvP Officer - Cyndaar
  • Guild Dimension / Site co-Admin - Hiraya
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